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John Pritiskutch Reproductions offers fine quality reproductions of early 20th and late 19th century maps and drawings of towns, counties and states throughout the United States. These maps make excellent gifts and are a valuable resource for genealogists, historians, educators, libraries, homeowners and historical societies.

Historic County Atlas Maps/Drawings: Reproductions of atlases which were published in late 1800s for Pennsylvania counties. Each map has been enlarged to either 150% or 200% the original size. These maps contain the following detailed information:

- houses and farms with owners names
- commerical and industrial buildings
- schoolhouses, churches, cemeteries
- mills, hotels, collieries, breakers
- railroads, depots, service facilities
- drawings of prominent buildings, industries and residences
- rivers, streams, resevoirs

Anthracite Coal Fields/Railroad Maps: Reproduction of maps which depict the southern anthractie coal fields of Schuylkill county. These maps generally cover the Branch, Cass, New Castle, Foster and Norwegian Townships as well as Minersville and Pottsville. The maps were published in late 1880s. These maps contain the following detailed information:

- collieries, breakers, tunnels, workings
- railroads, depots, service facilities
- rivers, streams, resevoirs
- elevation data

Panoramic Drawings: The panoramic map was a popular form used to depict many U.S. and Canadian cities and towns during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Know also as bird's-eye views, panoramic maps are non-photogaphic representations of towns and cities. They are not generally drawn to scale, they show street patterns, individual buildings and major landscape features.