John Pritiskutch Reproductions

History of Berks County - Colebrookdale Township

The following is reproduced from the 1876 Atlas of Berks County, Pennsylvania

This township was settled by Palatines at a very early period. Its territory has been diminished in size by the formation of Washington township. The surface is hilly and the soil of good quality. By proper cultivation this has been rendered very productive. The creeks rising in this township as they pass through the fields, serve a double purpose in turning the wheels of numerous mills, and in fertilizing the neighboring land.

The borough of Boyertown, situated on the Colebrookdale Railroad, about eight miles from Pottstown, is the principal place. The inhabitants are interested chiefly in iron mining. The beds in this vicinity are very rich and yield magnetic iron ore in great abundance. A new mine has been recently opened, of which the test hole was driven 588 feet, and iron was still found at that depth. A perpendicular shaft. is being opened 7x13 feet. The first vein lying at. the depth of 392 feet is 22 feet thick, yielding fifty per cent of red magnetic ore. The second vein is doubtless inexhaustable. This mine, which is operated by the Warwick Iron Company, is on land owned by William Binder. A portion of Boyertown is undermined, and the earth prevented from falling in by props. Boyertown contains three hotels. two stores, two boarding schools and four churches. Two miles from Boyertown are situated the Colebrookdale Iron Works. These are very extensive, and afford employment to numerous laborers. The castings made by this Company are of all kinds, of which wagon boxes and sad irons are the most numerous. The population of Boyertown is 690.

Other small places in the township are Engelsville in the south, and New Berlin north of Boyertown.

An interesting deed, in the possession of Mr. J. Schaeffer, written on parchment, shows the several transfers of the land now owned by him, from the year 1681 to 1751.

The population of the township in 1870 was ,1,660, a considerable gain since 1860.